USEA 101

Hi again,

Welcome back to Class!
You have learned from the previous post on how to look up and search the incredible database that we call “USEA” and command it from your fingertips. Now, lets complete the entry form so we can go have some fun.
So, you are attempting to fill in the cryptic USEA event form and it asks you for two registration numbers, you and your horse’s USEA number.
Lets go find them!
1. Go to your bookmarked USEA homepage.
2. press on the quicklink for Competitions in the red bar at the top left.
3. go to Search Tools.
4. you are now asked for horse search or rider search. You can press either, but lets look at my history. Press Rider Search and type in “Decher”
5. Wallah!!! there it is, I am ID number 30989 and I am a life member.
6. Go back to main search page, and press Horse search. Type in De Novo.
7. What pops up is any name with the combination of characters that you put in. So two horses pop up that match some sort of combination with “De Novo”, ¬†and our special Dino is number 133808.
Just for fun, type in “Maverick”.
8. HAHAHAHA. Good god, which one? He is Maverick XXI, owned by Shauna Diller???? Whoops, that needs to be fixed. Carolyn you need to send in a new ownership for him (maybe Lori you do too? might want to check) and here is the page to print out:
Which I found by using the handy “Forms And Documents” under the Competitions list, top bar left.
See you later. If you need help writing the check and licking the envelope…. ask someone else.

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