Week #10 and Cochlear

What a weekend!! As usual, I am late in sending out the Ellie video for week #10, but I have a good excuse. I was a little preoccupied with some intense competing! Aspen HT was this weekend, and this year did not disappoint! Suzy and Jon put on a class act show, Thank you for all the hard work!

1150927_10201610538362120_1849909489_nCochlear has always loved it at Aspen and Caber – two shows that make sense to his careful personality. He always finds the show jumping difficult, no matter the course, but he really likes the cross country at both those venues. Lear has not been the easiest of horses to train, he is so careful that he is nearly his own undoing sometimes. But I think I got the timing right and I know that he was prepared to make the big move up from training to preliminary. We had some really good points to the weekend and there were two points that I wish I could undo. But I only want to undo them because it would be best for Lear, but I cant protect him from all the lumps and bumps as he progresses down the path of education. All in all, I am thrilled that Lear made the step up, he was brave, fast enough and clean enough on xc. We will work on his form and perfection after a few more goes at prelim and he gets more comfortable with the height and complexity.

Now… back to Ellie:

Drum roll!!!!!…..  Ellie will NOT be for sale at the October 5th Thoroughbred Show!!! Why, you ask??  Because Ellie is going to remain with me and continue her training to becoming my next fun event horse! I will continue with the blogs (but perhaps not weekly ;)) and give updates on how she is progressing. She will of course, be at the October 5th show to strut her stuff and show off her skills!

This week’s video focuses on a basic exercise that is beneficial for all young horses to practice every month.


and… photo above is by Jenn Hogan!


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  1. Michelle Grimmer


    I am really enjoying your Ellie videos. Love your program!

    🙂 Michelle

    PS – Do you do clinics?

  2. Meika

    Yes, I do teach clinics! Contact me via email and we can discuss. Thanks for watching and Im glad you like the videos.

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