Your USEA entries Tutorial

Hi my peeps!!

Here is a short primer on how to best utilize the amazing power of the USEA website. You need to know these very important things in order to enter an event, and also this will prevent me from repeating myself to all of yall. The entries are due fast and furious this time of year, so you have plenty of opportunity to practice your skills!
1. Here is the main page, and you should bookmark it:
2. From here if you want to look up an event that you are entered in or want to enter, you go to the top left grey rectangle and press “Calendar, Omnibus & Results”
3.Once the map loads, you can press on the green Area VII, (northwest)
4. The press the event you are looking for, maybe Aspen Farms H.T., for instance.
5. Scroll down the Aspen information page to item #8 to find your dressage test. It say : BN-2010 USEF Beginner Novice Test A
6. So then you know you are doing the BN test A, and you wonder where in the world you can find such a thing?? Good question my dear. …
7. You can find your dressage tests by two different ways. You can stay on the Aspen page and scroll to the above the red bar that reads Aspen Farms H.T. and above that are quick links to Horse Trials Entry Form, Stabling Form and Dressage Tests and 2010 Rules. Press one of those quicklinks to get what you need.
You can also find the dressage tests back on the USEA main page, and press the Competitions button under the “United” at the top left. There you can find all sorts of information.
Next installment: what is my horse’s performance record and USEA number??

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  1. Camilla

    Do you know how long it took me to figure out the whole Horse, Rider, Amateur thing on these forms? More tutorials! Also, what events should I sign the boys up for next? 🙂 See you in a couple days at Inavale!

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