Zulu Time

Right when you start feeling all fired up… the karma goddess reminds you of who is actually in charge.

I got a new OTTB a month ago from Leigh Grey in Southern California. She is a rockstar eventing pinhooker, if that profession exists. Just as an example of how good she is at her job, in July she had 12 horses that she expertly picked out from So Cal tracks, at Rebecca Farms event. Competing from Novice to Advanced level!  I ride one of them, Cochlear!  And happily, I now have two Leigh horses in my barn.

I bought a 3 year old unraced TB by Quiet American. He is a tall, leggy guy with an interesting personality. I’m delighted that he is no longer attacking us in the stall, and is quickly becoming a rideable, triainable gelding.  He is quite vice free when I ride him, and his only flaw is that he is green! And that is curable with time. I will let you know when he becomes sweet and cuddly.

I don’t often change the names of OTTBs, but since he was unraced and had yet to make a name for himself, I felt it was ok to do so. His name is Zulu Time, http://www.zulutime.net. Timo for short.

For two weeks his feet had to harmonize to our soggy winter conditions. After he blew two abscesses in a row, I could finally start his training in ernest. After another two weeks of learning how to yield off the leg and being soft, I thought he was mentally ready for another challenge. So he learned to jump!  I was thrilled with his response – straight, ears up, cautious but bold and happy without getting punchy. He immediately knew exactly what to do with his feet and how to control his body – a great harbinger for his new career!!

Freezmageddon had already descended upon us. The low that night was 12 degrees! And after eating dinner Timo took a distressed drive to Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital.  I don’t think that the poor guy has ever had to drink cold water, and he certainly doesn’t have experience breaking ice!  As result, his guts stopped.

After such a pinnacle ride that day, it was especially sad to see him laid flat by colic in a mere two hours. And that would be the bizarre power of Lady Luck. She giveth joy and she giveth pain.

Don’t reach for the tissues quite yet… this has a happy ending!!

Timo is happily at home, adjusting to the idea of drinking warm water and copious amounts of mashes. Our deep freeze should end in a day or so, and I look forward to our lives returning to normal. I’m even more eager to show you a video of his new found skills.


Video here.

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