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Needed: Fresh Blood

The wildfire smoke has forced me stay inside for the last few days and I’m checking off a few things on my to-do list that have otherwise been forgotten. Maybe not forgotten, but shelved for a later day because I’m … Continued

The Great Horse Trade, Part 2

Chris Miller (see her website here of drool worthy stallions) and I have a history of bailing each other out when one needs help. One year when I lived in NC, I had a mare that wasn’t an event horse, … Continued

The Great Horse Trade, Part 1

The purpose of this blog is to be my personal tribute to Ellie. In the last 5 years of owning her, I imagined so many exciting things with her.  I broke her at 5 for the breeder, and I still know … Continued

Corona eventing

Remember that last blog I wrote? You know, the one about being burned out? Well, the only reason I felt super burned out is that I had goals to achieve with my training and I was struggling to juggle all … Continued


When is ‘working hard’ too much?  Doesn’t working hard produce results? And if I work hard for something, doesn’t it mean that I have earned it? Good things come to those who have blood, sweat and tears invested in it? I … Continued


We all know that riding horses can be full of fears, bad timing, lack of strength or skill and miscommunication. Hazards of riding a 1000 pound animal are a plenty! And when these negative issues outweigh the positive feelings of … Continued

World Traveling Student

I dedicate this to my friend Erica. As of now, she is my longest student and boarder, but that will all end next week. My dear friend has thrown up her hands to the traditional world and decided that she … Continued

Struggling to be positive

For those of you who know me, you know that I am the ultimate optimist. I have a very positive outlook on life, and especially to horse and rider training.  For example, I have a speech that every single one … Continued

Kentucky, chapter 1

It seems incredibly apropos to be sitting here on a balmy evening, drinking Kentucky bourbon on ice. I’m listening to the crickets chirp, in that loud way that we really don’t get in the Pacific Northwest.  Moxee has channeled her … Continued